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Add Your Site to Free-n-Cool!

To be listed on Free-n-Cool, follow these simple steps:

1. Consider adding a link back to Free-n-Cool on your site, preferrably in a noticable spot on your main page but that's a matter of your site's design. See here for link instructions. While a link back is not required, it may affect how soon we list your site or how good the description is, or whether we link to you at all, depending on the quality of your site. We do appreciate the favor of a link in return for the free advertising you're getting on our high-traffic site.

2. Send us an E-mail with your URL, what you offer, and where we can find our link if you plan to link back to us. (Please give an approximate time of when the link will be there if you plan to link to us.)

3. We will let you know if we can list your site as soon as we review your page (usually within a day or two). Obviously you have the option of removing our link if we can't list you. If you don't hear back from us within a couple days, please try again in case your message got lost in the flood of spam we get.

Some general guidelines:

Free Stuff and Contests:

If you have a good free offer or contest that has no "catch", it will probably get listed. (Please include as much detail as possible with your request, especially any age/country restrictions, contest drawing/entry frequency, etc.)

Other Sites:

While we are not accepting any-and-all sites for free-for-all linking like we used to, we do honor link requests for almost any site that links back to us (subject to our review and certain good-taste guidelines).

If we really like your site, it may even be designated a "Cool Site"!

Is your web site making enough money?

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